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But, isn’t that…

Posted: June 22, 2017 in poetry

“You stress too much”

“You let something hang on your mind for a tad bit too long”

“You should just let things go”

“Its not healthy”

But.. isn’t that not giving a damn 
Isn’t that not caring

If I let go of things so fast, isn’t that not putting enough time to solve a problem

If I forget after a couple of days, isn’t that leaving a gap for same future troubles

If I stop thinking about everything that happened, won’t I end up in the same situation over again

What if am just wired that way?

What if I feel safer with memories at the back of my mind?

What if I feed from pain thus the need for constant replay?

Isn’t that scary?

“You can’t change situations so just let go”

I could follow your advice

But isn’t that being cold?