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I still love you

Posted: July 20, 2017 in poetry
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I had another one last night

Another emotional breakdown

I keep getting these ones but honestly, I hate them

I made you feel inadequate

I made you feel not enough

But you’re more than enough

And today I could not tell you this

I didn’t know how to

How can these personalities collide like this

How can I love you so much and hurt you so deep

So I decided to keep my distance

To ensure am whole again

Then maybe I can tell you all the words I don’t say

I can tell you those negative words and feelings are all a lie

I don’t want to hurt you

Let me keep my distance

We have a connection

Let it make you understand, make you feel

I still love you,

I always will


My special

Posted: June 18, 2017 in poetry
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You make me cry, sometimes.

You don’t deny me a hug when I need it.

You don’t lash out words of anger when I become frustrating.

You don’t miss a chance to give me a kiss to bring that smile you love on my face.

You don’t get tired of many things that I do.

You always assure me.

You always say you are there for me.

And you usually are..

You are always patient with me.

You somehow know how to fix me.

That’s why sometimes, you make me cry.

You are good to me. You are very good to me. 


Brains, introverts and love

Posted: June 4, 2017 in poetry
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I don’t even like people

I don’t like fitting in.

I don’t like answering questions.

I don’t even like small talk.

I don’t like the fake laughter,smiles.

I don’t like being bothered. 

I however do like something.

I like peeking into brains. 

Finding all the beauty that lies in unprovoked lines of thought

I like peeking into your brain

Am curious. Intrigued.

I don’t like other people.

I like you.

I want to answer your questions.

I want to laugh and smile and talk with you.

I want to show you my brain. It’s incredible.


I bring it up, desperately.

When you are to cover what everyone would have input if I let them in..

When you are to fill all that gap..

It ends up downhill.

It’s not fair.

To you

To me. Maybe.

When I want to peek in your brain, let me. I love brains. I love your brain. How can I tell you I only like you? I only let you? 

Will you understand?

Show me your brain,  I will show you mine. The right way. I promise. No more downhill.

I get impatient when am around people.I can’t wait to be alone.

I get impatient when am alone, I can’t wait to be with you.



Posted: April 26, 2016 in Passion
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Don’t be scared
Don’t keep off just yet
In fact
Don’t ever go anywhere
I want you
You are perfect


My perfect

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Uncategorized
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You are kissing on my neck
I hear you take deep breaths filled  with my scent
There is something about your warm hugs from the back
Its the need I feel at the pit of my stomach
The world that ceases to exist
When everything of mine starts to revolve around you
How do you have such a perfect laugh
And a beautiful mind
The way I want you around me
Is the reason I keep dreaming
Of the kisses on my neck and the hugs from the back
The deep scent breaths and the day you will finally
Let your lips touch mine