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Posted: March 10, 2017 in love, soul
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I wanted to cry

To run away

To hide

I wanted to give up

To turn away

To quit

Then a beautiful truth dawned

That I love you more than I could possibly imagine

That you are my beautiful flower and I need your beautiful petals to purify my eyes

I need your amazing scent to refresh my soul

I went to battle for a fight that didn’t make me happy

I fought it with only one kind of ammunition, love

I was scared

I was afraid

I was unsure

The echo of your words made me strong

Your assurance gave me hope

So I fought

I forgot all my fears

I remembered the strength that is carved in my DNA 

And though I don’t know what happens next

I just wish you will be holding my hand at the end of the road



Mine dear

Posted: September 5, 2016 in soul

Its the way you make me feel safe

The trust…

Its the care I see in your eyes

The promise…

Its the sound of your voice

The wisdom in your words

The perfection in your actions


Makes me hold you so tight

In my heart…

Because you are mine



A boy

Posted: May 25, 2016 in soul
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Its love that am scared of

I used to love a boy
He used to love my body

My heart was open
And free
And fearless
Like a little girl wondering about after a butterfly in a garden of flowers
My mind was wild
With dreams of tomorrow and words yet to sound
It was all me
Only me

I used to love a boy
He used to love my body
So if you’re asking
Its love that am scared of