High heels and a cappuccino

Posted: August 6, 2017 in poetry

At first I felt angry at the world

Everything should work out exactly how I wish

This is my third day, I think I suffered minor depression

When this happens, everyone and everything is at fault. For a moment

Then it’s all me at fault

Here I go again

Judging myself harshly

I should be perfect. Why do I make mistakes? Why don’t I break bad habits?

When still in bed feeling sorry for myself today, I had this brilliant idea

It’s absolutely foolish to dwell on mistakes

So I picked my highest black heels and got myself a cappuccino

Why should I prevent myself the joy of swaying my hips allover town

But wait, that’s not the only reason

It heals my soul

These heels heal my soul

And a cappuccino on this bench with the breeze and noises from businesses around, makes everything better

This is another chapter. I almost know how it ends, but am hoping to prove myself wrong

– WaruguruWangeci


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