Not like her or her

Posted: July 21, 2017 in poetry

I tend to leave my nails unpolished

And when I polish them, I tend to leave them chipped

Sometimes I don’t apply lipstick on my lips

A moisturizer works just as good.

When I put on lipstick, I leave out details that would turn my lips into magic

Even my hair, I don’t always keep it neat

In fact, I feel wild and free when I don’t comb it

But I love heels! I must admit sandals and flats feel good though

And I love dresses and jeans and bags and makeup and sneakers

You see, I love being a girl!

But I can’t ignore the boy in me

I always wonder how it makes you feel

To see me look different, careless

Not like her or her, whose everything is perfect and neat

Should I be perfect? I mean, I could. I’ve spent a good number of years being perfect but you didn’t see this version of me, did you?

But truth is, a good cologne and some silky lotion is way less effort

If I look like her or her,

Will you love me more? Will you love me less?

If I look like me, free and wild and careless and optionally perfect, will you love me forever?




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