Brains, introverts and love

Posted: June 4, 2017 in poetry
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I don’t even like people

I don’t like fitting in.

I don’t like answering questions.

I don’t even like small talk.

I don’t like the fake laughter,smiles.

I don’t like being bothered. 

I however do like something.

I like peeking into brains. 

Finding all the beauty that lies in unprovoked lines of thought

I like peeking into your brain

Am curious. Intrigued.

I don’t like other people.

I like you.

I want to answer your questions.

I want to laugh and smile and talk with you.

I want to show you my brain. It’s incredible.


I bring it up, desperately.

When you are to cover what everyone would have input if I let them in..

When you are to fill all that gap..

It ends up downhill.

It’s not fair.

To you

To me. Maybe.

When I want to peek in your brain, let me. I love brains. I love your brain. How can I tell you I only like you? I only let you? 

Will you understand?

Show me your brain,  I will show you mine. The right way. I promise. No more downhill.

I get impatient when am around people.I can’t wait to be alone.

I get impatient when am alone, I can’t wait to be with you.



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